Dara Kashayar (he/him)

Dara Kashayar (he/him), Opinion Editor

Senior Dara Kashayar has a love of traveling. As an avid traveler, Kashayar has spent time in 85 countries across the globe and Antarctica, most notably Turkey, Spain, and the Maldives.

Spending time around the world has shaped his strong views on global issues such as climate change, immigration, and geopolitical issues. “I love learning about other countries’ societies and cultures, and it’s important that Americans have a better understanding of these issues.”

“I really wanted to expand my horizons and make myself a more cultured person,” Kashayar said. “I love that I can give back to the community where 1 of my parents is from.”

Apart from immersing himself and learning about global issues, in his free time Kashayar enjoys spending time helping others through volunteering. Every year Kashayar can be found volunteering in toy drives in Oakland, and working with non-profit organization YR Media connected to KQED, a national network for young journalists and artists.

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Dara Kashayar (he/him)