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Liv Bersot, Sienna Jorgensen, Harrison Fuller, and Russell Wang do a scene from Biff, Dickie, [Charlotte], [Margaret]
Drama Students Perform Scenes and Monologues
Sophia Lohman (she/her), Staff Writer/Artist • May 20, 2022

The Drama 1 students have been working to put on both scenes and monologues during academy on May 11. During this time students could come to watch 3 scenes and 1 monologue. There was a monologue from "Dance in the...

Advanced Drama Students Direct Original Scenes
Charlotte Medema (she/her), Staff Writer/Artist • May 19, 2022

Students in Drama 2 advanced performed 10-minute student-directed original scenes during academy on May 18. The 1st scene was directed by senior Rennick Coates, and the 2nd by senior Sarah Tallarico. Coates’...

Newborn Kittens Found on Track During PE Class
Claire Birdsey (she/her), Staff Writer • May 2, 2022

6 black kittens with blue eyes were found inside a box on the Bob Wilson track on April 13 next to the restrooms. PE teacher Alison Adams’ 6th period class was on the track at the time the kittens were...

Students Donate Blood, Help Those in Need
Raena Chan (she/her), Staff Writer • May 1, 2022

Campolindo held a blood drive on April 22 in the small gym for which students 16-years-old and older were encouraged to sign up and donate blood. Many students donated blood at this event because they...

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Popular boba shops around Lamorinda areas including iTea, Bober tea, and Sharetea.
Best Boba Shops in Lamorinda and Walnut Creek
Claire Birdsey (she/her), Staff Writer • May 20, 2022

Boba tea, a popular drink that started in Taiwan in the 1980s has grown in popularity worldwide in recent years. This special beverage is typically made with milk tea and...

Instrumental Director Announces Retirement
V Rogers (they/them), Staff Writer • May 19, 2022

If you have spent at least 1 class with band and orchestra teacher Johnny Johnson, you will become familiar with a specific Mark Batterson quote:...

Ranking Iced Lattes in the Lamorinda Area
Jensen Rasmussen (she/her), Editor-In-Chief • May 18, 2022

Like many mildly sleep-deprived teenagers, I often turn to coffee to get through my most hectic days. In the face of early mornings, extracurriculars,...

Balls, Vogue, and Drag: A History of Queer Culture
V Rogers (they/them), Staff Writer • April 22, 2022

With popular culture’s recent obsession with reality competition series RuPaul’s Drag Race, the topic of queer culture has come under the...

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Leaked Supreme Court Draft Threatens Reproductive Freedom
Charlotte Medema (she/her), Staff Writer/Artist • May 20, 2022

A Supreme Court initial draft majority opinion that was leaked to the public on May 2, 2022 has the potential to overturn the infamous and influential Roe v. Wade, a milestone...

The school districts many restrictions on student voices obstruct the road to equity.
District Rejects LEC Equity Lesson
Jensen Rasmussen (she/her), Editor-In-Chief • May 20, 2022

Since Campolindo’s newest equity initiatives began at the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, school and districtwide equity lessons have been subject to mass scrutiny....

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Boys' Volleyball Dominates in NCS Championships
Molly Stephens (she/her), Staff Writer/Photographer • May 19, 2022

After an astoundingly successful season, the Campolindo boys’ varsity volleyball team found themselves at North Coast Section (NCS) championships, facing De La Salle in...

Girls' Lacrosse Close to Clinching NCS Title
Molly Stephens (she/her), Staff Writer/Photographer • May 19, 2022

The Campolindo girl’s varsity lacrosse team truly had an amazing season, going undefeated in league play, and losing only 2 games across the entire season (16-2). The team’s...

Girls' Lacrosse Wins DAL
Erin McDonald (she/her), Staff Writer/Photographer • May 18, 2022
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