New Equity Council to Join Leadership

The Campolindo Equity Council held an informational meeting on February 24 in order to prepare for next year.

Modeled after the Equity Leadership Class at Miramonte, this new branch of leadership aims to make Campo more equitable by having student representation in all-important decision-making to create long-lasting change.

“We will be change-makers, not change-doers. We will make sure that concrete change is actually made,” said junior Caroline Fitzpatrick, who is spearheading this effort.

Equity Council will meet during 5th period with social studies teacher Molly Kerr, who will serve as the advisor. Equity Council will act as another section of the Leadership class and meet alongside Leadership advisor Lindsay Webb-Peploe’s traditional class.

“We need to institutionalize student representation as a part of the mechanism and structure of Campo. When the Equity Council becomes part of the institutional structure of Campo then admin will become accountable to that,” said Kerr.

The class looks to bring activists and leaders together as 1 team. They look to redefine what leadership is at Campolindo.

“We can shape the class into looking the way we want it to look. We can lay the groundwork for future years in pioneering this class,” said Fitzpatrick

Although course registration closed on February 19, those interested in joining the Equity Council can email or set up a meeting with their designated counselor.