ASB Campaigns Adapt to Hybrid Setting

Campolindo held elections to determine who will make up the ASB Cabinet for the 2021-2022 school year on March 22.

Junior Brody Crouch will serve as President, Alexis Doyle as Vice President, Maddy Ng as Secretary, and Dylan Merriman as Treasurer. Only the Vice President and Secretary positions were contested.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, campaigning was different than years prior. Candidates filmed videos of themselves “vlogging” to help other students learn about themselves.

“Participating virtually was really strange,” said Crouch. “I filmed my ‘announcement’ video at least 20 times, because I wanted to make sure my speech was alright.”

“I tried to use the @camporedc Instagram account as much as possible, and made posters on my own time with a friend who was also running. Overall, it wasn’t a ton of work and creating the pieces for campaigning was really fun for me,” said Ng.

All the candidates have their own respective plans to improve Campolindo as we return to a sense of normalcy next year.

“I want everyone to feel welcomed and a part of the school. I also hope to pump up the cougar spirit and make campus even more fun and cheerful during these hard times,” said Crouch.

“On a surface level I want to help make everyone’s experience here at the school good and to feel as ‘normal’ as possible, so I would be working with the rest of leadership to try and plan events to boost morale, help the freshman with navigating classes and getting situated, as well as anyone else that needs it. But on a deeper level I want to work on providing a safe space on campus to discuss social issues, break stigmas, and educate on current events or general life lessons to transition into adulthood,” said Ng.