Musicians Foster Community At Canyon Club Event

PAN Band Performing.

Current and former students performed at the Canyon Club from 5 to 7pm on September 26. The event was primarily organized by the Live Music Club and advisor Tom Duffy, who has planned a variety of musical and community events this year. A diverse group of musicians played at the event, from instrumental, rock, and indie genres. The event was designed to instill a sense of community among students, parents, and community members.

“It’s a great way for up and coming musicians to get themselves on stage in front of people,” said Duffy. “…and music unites us and brings us together so we want everybody to come.”

“I think the whole beauty of it is that the Canyon Club, which is a locally owned restaurant [that] also hires… kids from the area to work there, is doing a great job of promoting community by giving local young musicians a chance to play in front of people,” he added.

Audience members included Campolindo students, parents, teachers, and other Lamorinda community members.

“There’s so much talent across the board and…so many great students in such a great community it’s great to see everybody come out and support them,” said cheer coach Selin Wold.

“They’re very well prepared and played really well. There’s a lot of people here and a lot of money in the tip jar so I think that’s pretty good,” said senior Seth Bonin, who took photos of the event.

Student-led band Picnic at Night (PAN) headlined the event with a selection of indie music. Members included junior Palmer Hightower on guitar, junior Joe Walgenbach on bass, lead singer junior Gavin Johnson on guitar, and junior Tyler Panos on drums.

“We’ve only performed a couple times and they both have been [at the Canyon Club] and it was pretty fun,” said Hightower.

Due to the pandemic, performances have been held outside, spaced out, and smaller due to social distancing restrictions. “I think there’s been a lot more of a push towards outdoor performing and more DIY smaller events which I’m actually a fan of because it’s just easier and it’s a lot less corporate,” said junior Beckett Erickon, who played a homemade washtub bass and lamp steel guitar.