Join your classmates in AP Euro next year to learn more about European history!

Look out for AP Euro!

Anjali Rao and Lauren Kawamoto March 1, 2024

There are countless history course options for incoming sophomores in the 2024-2025 school year, including AP Human Geography, AP African-American Studies, AP Art History, and, most importantly, AP European...

YouTube Preys Upon Teens With Short form Content

Alex Shrauger March 1, 2024

The teenage attention span has been rendered nonexistent since YouTube implemented short form content known as YouTube shorts during September of 2020. The addictive, TikTok-esque nature of YouTube shorts...

The Dark Ages of Third Quarter

Daisy Penney March 1, 2024

It’s that time of the year again… the days are short and cold, spring break seems years away, and summer has become a distant memory. Third quarter fosters an unmotivating combination of too much work...

Look out for AP Art History!

Brooke Maher March 1, 2024

What class at Campo incorporates multiple subjects, field trips, art projects, and baked goods? The answer: AP Art History. It’s an option for sophomores, juniors, and seniors but should be taken by...

Taylor Swift: More Than Just Music

Anya Houston (she/her) March 1, 2024

Taylor Swift: global phenomenon, celebrated popstar, and, practically, religious entity. Yes, she is all of this but she is also so much more. This isn’t a love letter to Taylor Swift or an image of...

Letter From The Editor: Embracing Growth and Renewal Upon Spring’s Arrival

Alex Shrauger (he/him) March 1, 2024

The winter months are coming to a close, and the warm weather to which Californians are accustomed is beginning to reappear. As we look forward to brighter days, it’s important to appreciate spending...

Young girls are being taught that complex subjects must be dulled down for their comprehension.

The Reclamation of Hyperfemininity Has Gone Too Far

Molly Stephens (she/her) March 1, 2024

This past year, I spent more time scrolling through the disorienting realm that is TikTok than I’d care to admit. The entire app is built on trends, and I was encountering them at an extraordinary rate....

The removal of Drivers Ed from high school curriculum creates difficulties for teens getting their drivers license.

Whatever Happened to High School Driver’s ED?

Nate Littell (he/him) March 1, 2024

For sophomores at Campo eager to finally begin their journey to freedom behind the wheel, the process of getting one’s license has proven difficult. Unlike the Driver’s Ed classes from 40 years ago,...

Junior Carly Robles looks under a vehicle.

A Need for Change: The Lack of Women in Autoshop

Anjali Rao February 14, 2024

Automotive engineering, otherwise known as auto shop, is a class offered at Campo as an elective course. However, unfortunately the lack of women in the class is evident. This class teaches important...

The Golden Globes Controversy Gives Rise to Inappropriate Treatment of Women

Ashley Purcell (she/her) February 5, 2024

The Golden Globes should be a night to celebrate cinematic success and appreciate the great work of actors, film makers, writers, producers and composers. However, the celebratory aspect was overshadowed...

Competition: Something for Your Resume

Lauren Kawamoto (she/her) February 5, 2024

Participation in competition is not only beneficial toward college applications, but can lead to students having more opportunities to pursue what they truly enjoy. Competition in activities, school-sanctioned...

Financial literacy and independence is important for students at Campolindo to begin learning.

Financial Literacy: The Gateway to Economic Success

Nate Littell (he/him) January 19, 2024

Perhaps one of the most difficult things people encounter in life is becoming independent. Independent from parents, independent from teachers, and independent from the safeguards we have in our lives...

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