Difficult Year Brings New Beginnings

Nicole Kennedy, Opinion Editor May 18, 2021

May is always a bittersweet month. Spring has sprung, brain-dead students cram for finals and Advanced Placement exams (or don’t), and many look forward to the summer days lingering in the distance....

On the Road

Confronting Climate Change Requires Urgent Action

Jensen Rasmussen, Lifestyle Editor May 1, 2021

Since 1970, April 22nd has been celebrated as Earth Day in cities around the globe by more than a billion people. In light of the climate-activist led protests of the 1960s, the event was originally created...

The Trials and Tribulations of the Female Student Experience

The Trials and Tribulations of the Female Student Experience

Nicole Kennedy, Opinion Editor April 13, 2021

Recently, several female students have taken to social media to speak out about their own experiences with male students who have made them feel uncomfortable on and off campus. A strange feeling had come...

Return to “Normal” Requires Reflection

Jensen Rasmussen, Lifestyle Editor April 12, 2021

I think it’s safe to say that the circumstances of the past year have shown us that truly anything can happen, and despite the countless challenges we’ve been forced to undertake, our community has...

Not All Men, But Too Many Women

Not All Men, But Too Many Women

Isabelle Katz, Staff Writer April 12, 2021

Every woman has taken the extra precautions to remain safe and out of danger. From a young age, we have learned to try and avoid walking home late at night, have keys in between our knuckles to act as...

Lockers Missed During In-Class Instruction

Maggie Doolittle, Junior Lifestyle Editor April 11, 2021

With hybrid learning having finally started, we all can admit it’s not exactly what we’ve imagined. Obviously the district has done it’s best to keep in-person students safe, but 1 of my most missed...

Intersectional Feminism Vital for True Equality

Jensen Rasmussen, Lifestyle Editor March 23, 2021

With March designated as Women’s History Month, feminist ideas and the continued fight for gender equality are at the forefront of many minds. This month aims to celebrate the immense, and often overlooked,...

Sophomore Maya Gottfried begins her work day at TrueFood Kitchen in Walnut Creek.

Employment Teaches Lifelong Skills

Mia Jay, Business Editor March 19, 2021

Parents frequently tell their children that school is their job (a long-hours, unpaid job). And while school is obviously very important, having a real paying job in this day and age is highly beneficial. Not...

Cancel Culture Breeds Toxicity

Thomas Singh, Staff Writer March 17, 2021

“Cancel culture” refers to people being ostracized from social platforms in retribution for mistakes. As of late, victims of cancel culture are asking themselves if such extreme methods of punishing...

Sia Movie Debut is Ableist, Offensive

Isabelle Katz, Staff Writer March 16, 2021

Pop singer songwriter Sia Furler's film directorial debut, a movie musical titled Music that focuses on an autistic main character, was released in February. As a casual listener of her music, I was...

Gatekeeping Problematic in Pop Culture

Gatekeeping Problematic in Pop Culture

Yasmine Chang, Junior News Editor March 13, 2021

1 night while I was scrolling through Twitter, I noticed that “gatekeeping” was trending. 1 user claimed that if someone’s knowledge of anime was only based on popular titles such as One Piece and...

Bad Project Partners Bane of Existence

Bad Project Partners Bane of Existence

Nicole Kennedy, Opinion Editor March 7, 2021

No one likes the person who plays devil’s advocate to sabotage your answer to a teacher’s question or the semi-friend who asks you to buy them a chocolate muffin when you know that they will never...

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