Vaccines Provide More Flexibility

Vaccines Provide More Flexibility

Jensen Rasmussen, Lifestyle Editor May 5, 2021

With more and more Californians, including many Campolindo staff and students, having been vaccinated against COVID-19, it seems that some restrictions and regulations may begin to lessen. However, with...

Instagram Influencers Inspire Students

Yasmine Chang, Junior News Editor May 5, 2021

Throughout all the hate and negativity circling through our community this past year, social media influencer and filmmaker Dhar Mann has inspired many students with his short videos combatting topics...

Cougar Chats: Q&A with Broadway Actress Erika Henningsen

Cougar Chats: Q&A with Broadway Actress Erika Henningsen

Gracie Woidat, News Editor April 26, 2021

Since her time cultivating her talents and passion for the arts through Campolindo’s performing arts community, 2010 Campolindo alumna Erika Henningsen has since made a name for herself on the revered...

EuroChallenge Promotes Economic Education for Students

Zoe De La Cruz, Staff Writer April 21, 2021

From March 21 to April 8, Campolindo’s Economics Club will be competing in the Economics Challenge and the EuroChallenge. Members of the club will be competing in the 1st round of the EconChallenge,...

Choir teacher Mark Roberts leads the Campo choir in a socially distant, outdoor rehearsal.

Choir Adjusts to Outdoor Learning Obstacles

Maggie Doolittle, Junior Lifestyle Editor April 12, 2021

With hybrid students returning to campus, choir classes have had to adjust to the new norm of practicing in-person once more. However, COVID-19 guidelines have forced their rehearsals outdoors. Choir...

Twitch Streaming Provides Entertainment, Bonding

Maggie Doolittle, Junior Lifestyle Editor April 7, 2021

While many new hobbies and passions have been found during the pandemic, 1 that truly increased in popularity is watching live streams. Streamers are people who live broadcast themselves doing an activity,...

Songrams Use Music to Fight Climate Change

Songrams Use Music to Fight Climate Change

Amanda Young, Editor-in-Chief March 24, 2021

A group of Campolindo choir singers started Songrams, a virtual singing greeting card platform, to raise money for the Rainforest Trust, a non-profit organization that protects rainforests. The goal of...

Grammys Attire Highlights Monochromatic Theme

Grammys Attire Highlights Monochromatic Theme

Nicole Kennedy, Opinion Editor March 24, 2021

With a combination of social distancing, masking, and isolated music performances, the 63rd Grammys managed to overcome pandemic-related obstacles on March 14. As per usual, some stars dressed to impress,...

Sophomore Julia Pecher cosplays as Konata Izumi from the anime Lucky Star.

Cosplay Hobby Inspires Creativity, Artistic Expression

Maddie Wilha, Staff Writer March 23, 2021

With cosplay, the act of dressing up as a character, becoming more popular, sophomore Juliet Pecher is getting involved and sharing her hobby with the student body. Pecher has been doing cosplay at...

Man Box Culture Pervasive in Student Body

Maggie Doolittle, Junior Lifestyle Editor March 16, 2021

With students returning to campus this week, many have been reflecting upon the elements of campus culture that may have made their previous school years more negative. 1 issue that has been brought to...

Cohort, Curriculums Celebrate Women’s History Month

Isabelle Katz, Staff Writer March 11, 2021

With Women’s History Month well underway, people all around the world have been talking about and celebrating women’s triumphs, contributions to history, and importance in society. Sophomore Lara...

Students open online jewelry shops during Covid-19

Students Turn to Jewelry Business During Pandemic

Jensen Rasmussen, Lifestyle Editor March 4, 2021

In a world that has seemingly gone digital, partly due to a pandemic forcing us to isolate for much of this past year, some Campolindo students have started online businesses selling various handmade jewelry...

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