Beve after their performance at The Lafayette Art, Wine and Music Festival.

Beve: Campolindo’s Favorite Teen Band

Hailey Wilson (she/her), Staff November 22, 2022

The band called Beve, featuring 4 Campo students, performs at various functions, covering songs by 90s rock band Weezer. It started back in March of 2022, with twin juniors Cooper and Quinn Carmichael...

Its Written in the Stars: Your November Horoscope

It’s Written in the Stars: Your November Horoscope

Raena Chan (she/her), Staff Writer November 18, 2022

Welcome to November! As we move into autumn, now is the time for giving thanks. Sagittarius season brings big shifts into relationships as the leaves change colors. Venus, Mercury, and the Sun move into...

A depiction of Christropher Colombus interacting with  Indigenous People.

Campolindo Perspectives: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Anya Houston (she/her), Staff November 18, 2022

Indigenous Peoples’ Day, formerly recognized as Columbus Day, took place on October 10. The change in name seeks to address the atrocities indigenous people faced in what we now know as North America....

Some suggestions for quick school breakfasts for students on the go.

Breakfast Suggestions for the Busy Student

Lucy Maguire (she/her), Staff November 18, 2022

Breakfast is a controversial meal. What is an essential part of starting the day is often a waste of time to others. A poll taken on October 1, 2022 on The Claw’s Instagram account, indicated that 33%,...

The campus pets vary from tortoises, snakes, chicks and goats.

“Teacher’s Pets” on Campo’s Campus

Parker Blau (she/her), Staff November 18, 2022

Unlike many high schools, Campo’s concept of teacher’s pet takes a much more literal approach. The science department is not only home to students and teachers, but also to actual class pets of varying...

Lunch Line Alterations Bring About Conflict

Owen Ludwig (he/him), Staff November 18, 2022

Campo lunch line protocols have undergone a massive shift. While students used to be able to get as many meals as they wanted, they are now limited to 2 a day. In theory, having students scan their ID...

Excessive water is sprayed across the ground.

Leadership Requests Water Conservation on Campus

Sarah Moses (she/her), Staff November 18, 2022

Now that California has finally seen some rainfall, it may be difficult to remember the harsh heat waves during summer and the early months of school, and how they affected the campus’s ecosystems. Although...

Its written in the stars, your October horoscope is here!

It’s Written in the Stars: Your October Horoscope

Raena Chan (she/her), Staff Writer October 14, 2022

As October approaches, it’s the best time for new beginnings. Scorpio season brings plenty of balance into the foundations of personal and professional life through communication between the mind and...

Key Club, like many other Campolindo clubs, used various tactics to recruit members at Club Day.

Key Club Celebrates Success at Club Day

Lily Qin (she/her), Staff October 5, 2022

Key Club leaders featured a call for community service and plenty of cupcakes and candy to recruit new members at a royal blue booth during Club Day at Campo on September 14. “We got a lot of sign...

Signs on Campus Advocating for Suicide Prevention Awareness.

Suicide Prevention Month Stresses Mental Health Awareness

Hailey Wilson (she/her), Staff September 26, 2022

In recognition of September being Suicide Prevention Month, Campo students have been vocal with their opinions surrounding mental health awareness on campus. Suicide Awareness Month is a time to bring...

Phone Pocket hangs on door without any phones.

Phone Pockets Promote Controversy

Mak Crosson (she/her) and Oliver Fetzko (he/him) September 26, 2022

Whenever students walk into a class, it’s almost impossible to not notice the phone caddies. The caddies are designed to hold students' phones for the entire class period. Some students enjoy putting...

Being a 21st Century Cheerleader

Blonde ponytails, mascara-saturated lashes, pink pom-poms, helpless women serving strong men. Cheerleading athletes have dealt with this sexist stereotype for decades, including Campolindo’s Sideline...

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