Thanksgiving Destinations 2021

Wanderlust Guides Holiday Travelers

Mia Daly (she/her), Staff Writer November 30, 2021

Like many other events this year, the holiday season is likely to be a drastic change from what it was last year. Students are looking forward to traveling and spending holidays with family, things that...

How is the holiday season going to look this year with Covid?

Holidays Allow for Reconnection After COVID Isolation

Owen Ludwig (he/him), Staff Writer November 30, 2021

With COVID-19 affecting travel last year, a lot of people didn’t get to see their family over the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the New Year. Now, with COVID regulations taking a...

Native American Heritage Month

November Marks Native American Heritage Month

V Rogers (they/them), Staff Writer November 30, 2021

On November 14, 1990, Congress and George W. Bush signed a joint resolution, designating the month of November as Native American Heritage Month, formerly known as Native American Indian Heritage Month....

The Campolindo Cougar sending hearts and spreading spirit at a football game.

A Look At the Cougar Mascot Experience

Maggie Doolittle (she/her), Lifestyle Editor November 9, 2021

With the return to live games and spectatorship, 1 of the staple features of football games is seeing the Cougar mascot raising school spirit and interacting with the crowd. However, the Cougar itself...

Its the perfect season to enjoy a pumpkin-flavored treat.

Fall Dessert Favorites Feature Seasonal Flavors

Claire Birdsey (she/her), Staff Writer November 8, 2021

As pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and nutmeg have begun to fill the grocery store aisles, many students are beginning to bake fall desserts. Due to the pandemic, last year saw a dramatic increase in students...

An unused and abandoned drive as seen around campus.

Students Show Blatant Disrespect Towards Charity Drives

Erin McDonald (she/her), Staff Writer/Photographer November 8, 2021

In theory, school charity drives are a very effective way for important causes to get the exposure and resources they need. Usually, they work very well, but recently students have paid little to no respect...

Lighting clay lamps for the 4th day of Diwali, November 4th 2021.

Students Celebrate Diwali, Festival of Lights

V Rogers (they/them), Staff Writer November 4, 2021

Diwali, otherwise known as Dipavali, is 1 of the major festivals celebrated all across India and its diaspora, amongst multiple religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism. The name originates...

Before pumpkins started being carved, people carved turnips for Ol’ Hallows Eve.

Festivals and Traditions: The Ancient Origins of Halloween

Ruthie Stoll (she/her), Staff Writer October 31, 2021

Today, Halloween has become a festive day filled with fun costumes, candy, and jack-o-lanterns. However, the history behind these holiday practices are not as well known. To start off, the name for...

Top Halloween Costumes 2021

Top Halloween Costumes of 2021

Mia Daly (she/her) and Claire Birdsey (she/her) October 27, 2021

October has arrived, bringing with it colder weather, leaves changing color, and, most importantly, Halloween. Since stores such as Spirit Halloween have opened their doors and are overflowing with new...

Some popular autumn movies are spotlighted.

Top 10 Spooky Films for the Halloween Season

Ruthie Stoll (she/her), Staff Writer October 25, 2021

As we have advanced into the month of October, Halloween is only days away. While costumes and candy are essential to a fun-filled Halloween, curling up with a blanket while watching a movie can be another...

Music Culture at Campo Highlights Diverse Preferences

Charlotte Medema (she/her), Staff Writer/Artist October 20, 2021

Like most high schoolers, Campolindo students love filling silence with music, whether they’re doing homework, driving, practicing their sport, or just taking a walk. Airpods, speakers, car radios, and...

Array of thematically designed halls around campus.

Homecoming Decorations Go “To Infinity and Beyond”

Maggie Doolittle (she/her), Lifestyle Editor October 17, 2021

With homecoming week comes an exciting increase of school activities, including Leadership decorating the school halls, 1 for each grade, corresponding with this year’s homecoming theme of Campo+. Junior...

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