Seniors Reflect on Memories at Senior Sunrise


Sophia Lohman (she/her)

Seniors watch the sunrise on the Campo field which signifies the beginning and end of their last year at Campolindo.

Senior Sunrise, an annual event where the senior class comes together to watch the sun coming up, took place on the Campo football field on November 4th. At Senior Sunrise, snacks were provided, nostalgic music was played, and friends were huddled together in blankets to keep warm.

Head of ASB Sustainability Mia Jiang revealed Leadership goals for the event. “Senior Sunrise and Senior Sunset have always been a tradition for seniors. And we wanted to make sure that we emphasized it this year because 1 of our big things this year is working on promoting inclusion and inclusivity at Campo.”

Jiang added that, “We thought that this was a great way to include all seniors in an activity, especially since a lot of people may not do sports or school extracurriculars.”

Senior Zac Faber raved about the tradition, and the attention to detail that Leadership had in setting up the event. “Seniors Sunrise was a really just nostalgic experience because of the music they were playing, it was just heavy vibes,” he said.

Faber continued saying that, “I think it builds campus community, it bonds the seniors for their last year in school together.”

Due to Senior Sunrise’s success, it brings great promise for Senior Sunset, which will occur later this year.

Jiang noted that, “I think Senior Sunrise was pretty successful. I think we definitely got a lot more headcount than we thought we were going to, despite it being pretty early in the morning. We didn’t believe a lot of people were going to show up but the sunrise was really beautiful that morning, and we were able to get food services there, which might have convinced people to show up. We’re definitely going to follow something similar for Senior Sunset at the end of the year.”