Jackman and Sliwinski Win Teacher and Staff Award

Mrs. Jackman, a Campolindo science instructor for 24 years and counting, has been crowned Teacher of the Year.

Attendance and Health Technician Stephanie Sliwinski was named staff member of the year for Campolindo on March 10. Similarly, science teacher Roxanna Jackman has been named teacher of the year for Campolindo.

Sliwinski is very happy to be awarded staff of the year: “I’m…thrilled and honored to be named staff of the year at Campolindo. I’ve never really won anything before like when I was teaching for 15 years I wanted to win teacher of the year every year, and now I won staff of the year at Campo.”

Jackman, awarded teacher of the year, is the Department Chair of the Science Department and has been teaching at Campo for 24 years.

Sliwinski actively tries to create a welcoming campus for everyone and said, “My goal is to make all the cougars at Campo feel welcomed. I want to promote inclusion in this community, and I want to learn the name of every student that goes here. I think it’s an important step to inclusion when I can personally know students at Campo.”

Co-attendance technician Sinziana Vera has positive regard for Sliwinski and her time at Campo. “Sliwinski is an amazing teacher and colleague. She’s very hardworking, outgoing, and just a fun person to work with. She loves working with and helping students all the time,” she said.

Senior Justin Yasukochi says, “I think Ms. Jackman is a great teacher. She makes the human anatomy [class] interesting, and she tries to interact with students. She likes to talk about her high school experience in order to be more relatable, which I like because not many teachers do that.”
Both Jackman and Sliwinski are honored to be awarded with teacher of the year and staff of the year.