Campo Swim Crushes at NCS

At this year’s North Coast Section (NCS) tournament for Swimming and Diving, Campo teams exceeded expectations yet again. Campo women’s swim and dive placed second at the tournament, while the men’s team placed fourth.

“We overachieved at NCS. Our girls placed second which is outstanding. The guys got fourth, which was an improvement from last year,” said junior Michael Chu.

The tournament included many highlights for Campo swimmers. Swimmers junior Adriana Smith, junior Emilia Barck, junior Jasmine Fok, and junior Maddie Blackwell won 1st place for their performance in the 200 Yard Medley and 200 Free.

Barck and Smith also received 1st place scores for their respective times in the 200 Individual Medley and 100 Back. Another impressive performance came from senior Nate Levy, who won an individual event for 100 Breast.

“We were pretty close to beating Carondelet. We were trying to plan out relays to score as many points as we could to hopefully win, but we missed it by a little bit,” said Barck, who has already committed to Brown for swimming. “Overall it was a really fun experience for the entire team,” she continued.

Due to the timing of NCS and other meets, swimmers– due to the activities, long hours, and time commitment– are challenged to balance their sport and school. “It’s been rough. I had an AP exam scheduled for the NCS day, so I actually had to make up the AP [on a different] morning. You obviously miss a lot of school and you’re always just tired… It’s definitely a challenge,” said Chu.

Swimmers were satisfied with the teams run this year. “The swim season has been really good. We’ve been winning a lot of meets and doing really well. People had the best times at NCS, and the girls team got a high score,” said junior Chistopher Seo.

Through the thick of the competition, the team also was able to bond. “I really liked the environment during finals, we were close together and we had a really fun time. Everyone did really great,” said junior Reid Lalli.