Student Council Meeting Focuses on Funding and Mini Club Day

The Student Council had its 1st meeting of 2022 in Academy on January 7. The meeting went in depth regarding club needs, such as funding and Mini Club Day, as well as revising the Student Council’s Constitution, which happens annually.

During the meeting, leadership announced Mini Club Day, which is scheduled to happen in the following weeks in which around 25 clubs will have stands in the quad. “The meetings are very beneficial because I’m directly involved in all clubs and make sure that they get signed, approved through Mr. Walker through the rest of administration,” said Treasurer senior Dylan Merriman.

The meeting was primarily facilitated by ASB Commissioner of Student Affairs Adriana Colon, who mediated the class discussion. “The main objective today was to make sure that we got representatives from all of the clubs on campus that which we have over 107 and to make sure that we can review our ASB constitution that’s created by leadership either appointed or elected, and it’s just to make sure that the officers that serve in leadership are there in like a justice system,” said Colon.

Colon introduced the new Financial Secretary Alex Sanchez to the student council as a resource to acquire funding or do fundraisers. “I help reimburse students who spend their money on…buying stuff for the club or further fundraisers. I give them cash boxes when they need to complete a fundraiser. And I speak to the leaders of their club, whenever they have any questions,” said Sanchez.

“[Mr. Sanchez] is a great new addition to the administration faculty, and he has been most recently working with me and our treasurer, […] and we both go in there and we sign checks on behalf of Associated Student Body (ASB), as well as dealing with club grants and allocations,” said Colon.

Participants had many suggestions for the Student Council Constitution, which included increasing inclusivity, accountability, and community outreach.

“I think there are good changes made… I think personally, I don’t know how widespread the changes are,” said senior Regan Stambaugh.

“The constitution could be improved if admission into leadership was not such a hassle, process, approved and everything so that kids who wanted to lead could lead without having to go through a big approval process,” added Stambaugh.