ASB Campaigns Adapt to Hybrid Setting
Dara Kashayar, Staff Writer • April 8, 2021

Campolindo held elections to determine who will make up the ASB Cabinet for the 2021-2022 school year on March 22. Junior Brody Crouch will serve as President, Alexis Doyle as Vice President, Maddy Ng as Secretary,...

Tracy Hamm Discusses Experience in Sports, Coaching
Jessica Rosiak, Editor-in-Chief • April 7, 2021

Following a Cohort Academy screening of Coach, a documentary about former Campolindo student Tracy Hamm as she aims for a UEFA A coaching license, Hamm joined the community through Zoom to share her thoughts...

Students Return to Campus After One Year of Distance Learning
Gracie Woidat and Yasmine Chang March 25, 2021

After months of preparation and uncertainty, Campolindo students were finally welcomed back on campus with the commencement of hybrid learning on March 16. Students prepared for the transition during...

Juniors Progress to State Science Fair
Jensen Rasmussen, Lifestyle Editor • March 24, 2021

After researching and producing innovative science and engineering projects, members of the Students In Research club competed in the Contra Costa County Science Fair on March 12. Juniors Daylin Atwood,...

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Twitch Streaming Provides Entertainment, Bonding
Maggie Doolittle, Junior Lifestyle Editor • April 7, 2021

While many new hobbies and passions have been found during the pandemic, 1 that truly increased in popularity is watching live streams. Streamers are people who live broadcast...

Songrams Use Music to Fight Climate Change
Amanda Young, Editor-in-Chief • March 24, 2021

A group of Campolindo choir singers started Songrams, a virtual singing greeting card platform, to raise money for the Rainforest Trust, a non-profit...

Grammys Attire Highlights Monochromatic Theme
Nicole Kennedy, Opinion Editor • March 24, 2021

With a combination of social distancing, masking, and isolated music performances, the 63rd Grammys managed to overcome pandemic-related obstacles...

Cosplay Hobby Inspires Creativity, Artistic Expression
Maddie Wilha, Staff Writer • March 23, 2021

With cosplay, the act of dressing up as a character, becoming more popular, sophomore Juliet Pecher is getting involved and sharing her hobby...

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Intersectional Feminism Vital for True Equality
Jensen Rasmussen, Lifestyle Editor • March 23, 2021

With March designated as Women’s History Month, feminist ideas and the continued fight for gender equality are at the forefront of many minds. This month aims to celebrate...

Sophomore Maya Gottfried begins her work day at TrueFood Kitchen in Walnut Creek.
Employment Teaches Lifelong Skills
Mia Jay, Business Editor • March 19, 2021

Parents frequently tell their children that school is their job (a long-hours, unpaid job). And while school is obviously very important, having a real paying job in this...

Cancel Culture Breeds Toxicity
Thomas Singh, Staff Writer • March 17, 2021
Sia Movie Debut is Ableist, Offensive
Isabelle Katz, Staff Writer • March 16, 2021
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Swimathon Fundraises for Diversity in Aquatics Club
Ella Hack, Staff Writer • April 7, 2021

The Campo Swim DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Swim-a-Thon raised over $3000 for the Diversity in Aquatics Club from March 17 to March 26. All of the money raised...

Girls' Golf Grapples with Less Practice Space
Gracie Woidat, News Editor • March 23, 2021

The girls’ golf team has adjusted its practice setting since the sport’s commencement on February 8 due to decreased availability of the Moraga Country Club (MCC). The...

Sports Med Adapts to Distance Learning
Isabelle Katz, Staff Writer • March 16, 2021
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