Pops Concert Continues Through Zoom

Campolindo Choir held its 1st event of the school year, the Virtual Pop Concert, on October 16. Prticipants teamed up with friends or chose to go solo and filmed themselves singing their favorite pop songs. The event was entirely extracurricular and the choir students spent their own time singing and putting together content.

The videos were shown at the webinar-style Zoom concert, complete with panelists from choir classes.

There were challenges that didn’t previously exist because of the virtual nature of the event. “I think the concert went well, the people who performed sounded good but since it was on zoom the videos would lag,” said sophomore Alec Home.

“What was challenging was constantly re-doing a vocal track to make it sound perfect,” added Home. All the participants really tried to show their best, despite the challenges of going virtual.

“The biggest challenge was simply the platform for the performance. We used Zoom so there was some sense of privacy as opposed to something more public and there were just a few glitches in sharing video and audio and the sync that would come through on the other end,” said choir director Mark Roberts.

“I liked that it was recorded so we could do several takes. It was good because we could make sure the performance went well,” said sophomore Stefanie Moore.

“I was incredibly impressed by both the high levels of musical and technical products. There was some incredible audio editing and video engineering that went into the projects from solo to group performances being organized entirely virtually,” said Roberts. “I was blown away by the abilities and work of the students!”