Ashley Xu

Ashley Xu, Illustrator

Junior Ashley Xu has been interested in art since she was in the 3rd grade.

Xu is fascinated by iconic painters like Monet and Dali. “I like Monet’s color usage,” she explained, adding that she also likes artists from the Renaissance era. 

Xu mostly does traditional oil paintings, though she has been branching out by learning to do digital illustrations on Photoshop in order to diversify her skills and help her create better work on the La Puma art staff. “I started not too long ago. I’m still getting more familiar with the tools,” she said.

Xu moved to the United States from China when she was in 5th grade. “I have lived in both societies,” she said. “It gives me a more diverse background.” 

Xu hopes to continue working on her digital art skills and wants to make more drawings that explore her unique identity.

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Ashley Xu