Beloved TV Shows Removed from Netflix


Ashley Xu

Iconic films and TV shows that are being taken off of Netflix.

As high schoolers, we all grew up watching shows like Friends, New Girl, Glee, and The Office. But recently, the popular streaming platform Netflix has been taking these iconic shows off their service. The shows were easy to watch and had no extra purchase necessary than the original subscription, but now most are on separate networks like Peacock or Amazon Prime Video, which are less common and in many cases require an extra purchase. Many fans of these shows find this sad or annoying.

Senior and Glee fan Juliet Diamantidis said, “I grew up watching Glee, I used to love singing along to the songs and dancing with the characters. Now it feels like a part of my childhood is gone because I can’t really watch one of my favorite shows anymore. It’s just really sad.”

In 2020, the beloved show Friends left us, a show that impacted a generation with its funny jokes and lovable cast of characters. Then in 2021, we lost Glee and The Office, 2 fan-favorite shows. The Office made fans laugh and love the quirky characters. Glee was loved by fans for its relatable characters, funny storylines, and super catchy songs. Soon, we will lose another iconic show from Netflix: New Girl, which fans love for its silly, binge-worthy, and captivating plot.

Freshman Chance Newby, who had a strong connection to The Office, Glee, and New Girl, said, “These shows defined a generation, and it’s really sad to hear that they were taken off. But they are super iconic, and I love to rewatch them to experience them again.”

Junior Kylie Williams, a fan of Glee and Friends, added, “I was so sad when they left. I thought I had so much more time to rewatch the shows, and now It’s harder [to rewatch them] without spending a ton of money.”

Obviously, these older shows are still influencing people and continue to have a large following. While it is disappointing that these shows will not be as widely available, it looks like the shows will not be losing popularity anytime soon. Fans will always figure out a way to keep watching.