Students Test New Hairstyles in Quarantine

Maggie Doolittle, Junior Lifestyle Editor

Being stuck at home has prompted many new trends. 1 of which has students changing their hair drastically. From buzz cuts to eccentric colors, some Campo students are taking advantage of time away from society to try out new hairstyles.

Sophomore Alianne Kastner made the decision to bleach and dye her hair white while self-isolating. “Quarantine really just gave me the time and if I didn’t really like it, who would see?” said Kastner.

Being at home has given students a chance to experiment with hairstyles free from the repercussions of making a permanent, embarrassing mistake; quarantine has become a safety net for hairdos gone wrong.

Sophomore Sophia Galindo, now sporting red hair, said, “I dyed my hair since I wanted to change [it] and I got bored… I thought that even if it came out looking bad then no one will see it.”

Many students have spent their time in quarantine watching TV, playing video games, reading, or scrolling through social media, and these pastimes have influenced the style changes.

Senior Natalie Ung was inspired to cut her bangs after seeing a trend on TikTok, an app where she spends some of her time. “A lot of influencers are getting curtain bangs and it’s becoming a trend,” said Ung.

Kastner was inspired to change her hair after rereading the Tokyo Ghoul series, garnering the inspiration for her new hair color. Kastner dyed her hair “mainly after Kaneki [a Tokyo Ghoul character,] ’cause I love the book.” She plans on experimenting with more colors based on her favorite characters in the spring. “I ended up really liking it, so I’m probably going to keep it dyed,” added Kastner.