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    Lisa DisbrowMay 26, 2024 at 9:05 pm

    Public education in California has embraced gender ideology without the consent of the people. Sexual orientation, gender identity, unlimited gender choices for minors and affirmation of children changing their gender to a different gender have been imposed on communities. The current elected school boards are now ignoring the views, values, cultures and moral convictions of many community members who believe there are only 2 sexes/genders. As is their right.
    School staff claim to recognize and respect all people while teaching all children concepts that oppose many people’s beliefs. This is gaslighting 101.
    In Lafayette and across California atheists, feminists, Muslims, Catholics, lesbians, gays, Protestants, and others of moral convictions don’t want schools parenting them nor their kids. They refuse to give up their rights because the school system is subservient to other political, cultural views. The schools belong to everyone. Currently it’s popular to discriminate against people who recognize there are only 2 sexes and don’t want schools confusing and undermining their kids. They/we experience bullying, name calling, doxing, and calls for firing from jobs. They are called haters, bigots, racists for exercising their freedoms.
    This is gender ideology injustice. Teachers are threatened to lie to parents about gender record changes at school. Students are taught it’s ok to lie to parents. This is very twisted and dangerous. The schools have taken on the role of cultural dictators.
    Superintendent Stephens and the Lafayette School Board’s gender ideology activism is actually harming, exposing the vulnerable, socially awkward, those with mental health issues, those fearing puberty and those with trauma to known health risks associated with social transition, puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and removal of healthy tissue. Their adult lives may include sterility, heart disease, blood issues, osteoporosis and the loss of adult sexual pleasure. If adults choose to alter their bodies that’s their decision. But affirming such a challenging pathway for a child, a minor, also deprives them of the time to think through and process their thoughts and emotions.
    Our signs say FIRST DO NO HARM. Every child deserves to be taught that their body is authentic, wonderful, natural and perfect. If they suffer from gender dysphoria or distress they should have time, support, counseling and loving parents so they can resolve the issues. As adults they will at least have a healthy body as they make their adult decisions. The gift of a healthy body is to be celebrated and appreciated.
    The conflict centers on the rights of people to choose their own beliefs, the obligation of the school to respect the beliefs of the diverse community and that schools stop dictating cultural agendas, activism and progressive beliefs on other peoples children. After school groups can meet for voluntary participation in special activities based on their interests.
    Public schools must remain unbiased, transparent and respectful of all public members.
    To learn more about the consequences from puberty blockers, etc search for Detransitioners, Princess Diaries, Lost Boy’s.
    We advocate for open Townhall meetings and more discussion on this issue.
    First Do No Harm
    A life is a terrible thing to hurt


  • H

    Hanni AhmedMay 25, 2024 at 4:44 pm

    She is respectful with her beliefs and opinions. She does not bother me or my children. In fact, my children find the transgender beliefs to be odd and forced upon them. They find it silly. I agree with them.

    I believe in human rights, and I believe in equality. I don’t feel like my beliefs or opinions are threatened or slandered in any way shape or form by Ms. Disbrow. Because people have a difference in opinion doesn’t make anyone more right or wrong. I applaud her for exercising her rights to freedom of speech.

  • S

    Sasha AguilarMay 25, 2024 at 2:30 pm

    Brent Stephens and the teachers should be curious about the number of gay kids, autistic kids, bullied kids, and anxious kids who now believe their bodies are “wrong” due to extremely rigid gender stereotypes that the trans pharmaceutical lobby promotes in order to “sell” medical transition to minors. I hope this reporter does her research in the lack of evidence found for medical transition in the reviews done in the UK (The Cass Report), Finland, Germany, and Sweden. We should never tell young people that they were born wrong. This is psychological abuse. We need to promote radical self-love and self acceptance in our young people. I recommend reading the Cass Report, detransitioners such as Keira Bell or Ritchie Herron, Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine, or my own leftist substack on gender in public schools.

  • M

    Mark LonerganMay 25, 2024 at 2:27 pm

    While I support all LGBTQ persons, the risks of irreversible medical treatments are real and should be considered objectively.

  • L

    Lisa DisbrowMay 25, 2024 at 1:49 pm

    The effort to label advocacy for biological sexuality as hating anyone is anti diversity, anti inclusive, anti welcoming and fear mongering. Labeling people who disagree as attacking others is intended to silence and minimize the voices of those who disagree with the rainbow advocates. This is not respectful, American nor helpful when our society includes many different points of view that are protected by our legal system.
    People who disagree with introducing sexual orientation, unlimited gender identities, and secret gender record changes from parents by their own young children ages 4-13 are are compassionate and committed to the protection of children. We are informing and warning others about the severe health and safety consequences experienced when kids are told they can be trapped in the wrong body and pursue social transition, irreversible puberty blockers, cross sex hormones and removal of healthy body parts.
    Those with gender distress deserve support, time and the therapy necessary to explore the genesis of their distress with their parents. Parents deserve notification of gender record changes so they can contribute to their child’s emotional journey.
    To reject puberty as essential for the healthy development of a child into adulthood is unhealthy just as to block puberty is unhealthy.
    Our goal for every child is to First Do No Harm so they can live their healthy authentic lives as they want for the rest of their lives.
    It’s time that public school board members and staff remember the diversity of community views, values, culture and religion and show respect for all points of view versus inflame division against those who believe in biological sex only.