Eilish Fails in Grammy Fashion Category

Nicole Kennedy, Opinion Editor

The 62nd Grammy Awards aired on January 29. While the night recognized some of the year’s most popular songs and musicians, it was also a time for celebrities to don extravagant outfits. Here is La Puma’s list of the top 5 best-dressed stars and the 5 most epic fashion failures of the night.


5. Tyler the Creator. Winner of the Best Rap Album of the year, he attended the event in a pink bellhop get-up, accompanied by a suitcase equipped with costume changes for his performance later in the evening. The unconventionality of his look surprised those on the red carpet, as any good Grammys outfit should. Also, turning a box full of clothes into an accessory is deserving of serious credit.

4. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. This Hollywood power couple looked the part in their flaring ‘fits. Teigen adorned an orange Yanina Couture gown that flared out towards the bottom, and John complimented Teigen with a grey suit tailored with a skirt-like effect.

3. Lil Nas X. His hot pink Versace cowboy outfit captured the eyes of paparazzi and was the perfect teaser for his hit song “Old Town Road,” which he performed later in the evening. The combination of a country with neon color was fashion forward.

2. Billy Porter. Porter was covered head to toe in blue and silver jewels. Hanging from his hat and boots were strings of sparkling silver gems that lit up the red carpet. The strings on Porter’s hat could be moved by his design team’s remote control to do a face reveal, allowing him to show off his turquoise eye shadow and making his tech-savvy look a internet sensation.

1. Ariana Grande. While she is known for whimsy, Grande stole the show in her gray Giambattista Valli ball gown. The layers of ruffles and tool looked like a mountain of clouds, which in turn created the illusion of Grande levitating as she walked.


5. Ty Hunter. Beyonce’s stylist looked a little thrown together with his square-like, banana-colored shoes and pointy grey coat. Not only did his outfit look uncomfortable, it seemed at any moment the sharp flaps of his coat would slice his cheek.

4. Shaun Ross. This model strutted down the red carpet in a topcoat and boots entirely encrusted in white pearls. A tad chunky, it didn’t convey the most eco-friendly message. Oysters all over the world are rolling were their beds.

3. Steve Lacy. While in recent years the Grammys have seen more outfits from men and women that defy gender preconceptions, Lacy’s grey dress was a missed opportunity. It is commendable for Lacy to have made himself into a visible proponent of blurring the lines between gender, but his look was ultimately bland. More vibrant colors or interesting textures were needed. Instead, he looked like Sherlock Holmes.

2. Joy Villa. Stirring up a lot of controversy in her plastic-looking material that read “TRUMP 2020,” Villa brought down the mood with the political reference.  It was the wrong crowd for Villa to literally wear her beliefs on her sleeve.

1. Billie Eilish. While part of the singer’s appeal is her outlandish outfits, Eilish projected more of an alien vibe than an innovative statement. Her Gucci suit with lime green accents and her dyed roots made her look like she came straight from Area 51, rather than Hollywood. However, by the end of the night, the young artist redeemed herself by taking home an astounding 5 Grammys.