Seniors Share Beach during Ditch Day

Ava Charlesworth, Staff Writer

Seniors flocked to Gray Whale State Cove, museums, and other vacation spots around the Bay during the traditional senior ditch day on May 24.

In spite of the overcast skies, “It was really fun to go to the beach and just hang out with friends, and like who wouldn’t want to skip a day of school?” said senior Savannah DeCarlo.

Campolindo seniors weren’t the only ones who visited the Gray Whale for ditch day. “We knew Acalanes was going to Gray Whale, which no one was really excited about. We mentioned switching to Capitola but that wasn’t a really popular idea,” said senior Alex Corallo.

However, DeCarlo said sharing the beach made the event even more fun. “We started off on the other side of the beach as them but ended up going over to them after like an hour. Most Campo and Acalanes students know each other so it was actually really fun and just kinda felt like a big party,” she said.

Not everyone went to the beach on ditch day. Seniors Genie Lee, Joelle Nelson, Lauren Landry, Allie Kelley, and Sarah Carrasco decided to go to the Musem of Modern Art (MoMA) in San Francisco instead.

“One of our friends had to be back by 4, so with traffic and driving we weren’t going to be able to be at the beach very long so we just decided it was easier to BART into the city,” said Carrasco. “And another friend had a project where she had to go to MoMA anyway, so we just decided to make a day out of it.”

“It would’ve been fun to go to the beach but we had a lot of fun in the city,” said Landry. “We went to this cute cafe and got all dressed up so it was fun.”

Other students didn’t participate in ditch day at all, like senior Beck Jurasius. “I felt that I could find more value by attending class and catching up on my work than ditching. I invested my time preparing for finals. I like to make good use of my time,” he said. “My mom also didn’t really want me to.”

For those who did skip school, most either called themselves in sick or had their parents do so for them, so they wouldn’t have an unexcused absence on their transcripts.

Math teacher Petro Petreas is “opposed to students who hide behind their mommies and get excused. If you’re going to ditch, ditch. . . not that I support that kind of thing.”