Club Fundraises During Wish Week


Amanda Young, Business Editor

The Make-a-Wish Club celebrated “Wish Week” by fundraising from April 29 to May 3 for the Make-a-Wish Foundation, a non-profit organization that grants wishes to critically-ill children.

Co-presidents juniors Angie Louie and Adina Levin are part of the Make-a-Wish Youth Board and were inspired by discussions they had at meetings with the organization. “We knew that it was Make-a-Wish Day that Monday and we decided to make a whole week out of it,” said Levin.

Levin and Louie planned events including face painting, sign making, and selling bagels to raise money. According to Louie, the club’s goal was “to raise awareness for the cause and to encourage people to donate to the foundation.”

“We want people to know about it; we want their parents to know about it. It’s a really important organization,” added Levin.

Bagels were donated by Noah’s Bagels, which has a program that provides leftover bagels to non-profit organizations. The club collected almost $200 from the bagel sales.

Leadership helped the club create Make-a-Wish signs, 1 of which was posted on the cafeteria window on May 3. “I wanted to help [the club] out because I honestly thought that it was a really good cause. It’s something that I want to support but I’m not very active in the club just because I have my own club that I do as well,” said junior class treasurer Julia Zapanta.

Levin said that the week was “definitely” successful. “We weren’t exactly sure what we were doing at the beginning, but once we figured it out, we thought that it was. A lot of people knew about it; a lot of people were really happy to donate,” she said.