Council Convenes Inclusive Group

Arjun Chhabra, Staff Writer

While in the past representatives have been selected by each 4th-period classes to attend monthly student council meetings, this year, Leadership will be including students on the counsel from various clubs and elective courses in order to ensure a broader range of interests are included.

According to Leadership teacher Lindsey Webb-Peploe, the council will attempt to be “more representative of real groups on campus,” and aims to “actually get people that need to be in the same room together, in the same room.”

Commissioner of Student Affairs senior Sarah Carrasco, who helps run the campus-wide council, explained that this way “Student Council is more relevant, and students who do not necessarily normally have a voice of what we do on campus now can [sic] express their opinion.”

Council meetings take place in room E9. Presidents of the Sexuality And Gender Alliance club (SAGA), Model UN (MUN), and WE@CAMPO all attended the 1st meeting on October 26.

“The 1st meeting went really, really, really well and for me personally being there, I learned a lot about different people, different clubs on campus, different issues they face, and different things we should do as a leadership class that I would have never thought of before,” said Carrasco.

Student council board member senior Eleanor Kim said that Leadership asked for the members’ thoughts on the upcoming winter rally, a  dance, and what they thought the school should do in the future. Kim added, “We learned about what is going on in their clubs or classes so we can help advertise them.” 

Student council plans to meet once a month to connect on issues like how leadership can create a better environment that makes all students feel welcome.