Cafeteria Price Hikes End 7-Year Run


Mindy Luo, staff writer

For the first time in 7 years, cafeteria food prices have increased. The price of brunch items has increased from $3 to $3.75 while lunch item prices have been raised from $5 to $5.75.

Frequent cafeteria customer sophomore Mia Chon isn’t happy about the increases. “I think it’s absolutely ridiculous how it costs almost $6 now just to buy a slice of below-average pizza. It was already too expensive last year and it just isn’t worth it anymore.”

However, according to the AUHSD Food Services Coordinator Angel Clisford, it is uncommon for a district to go 7 years without a price increase.

Clsiford said the previous prices did not cover the rising costs for kitchen supplies. “To keep up with rising costs and technology, ensuring our staff is paid a fair wage, while also allowing us to accommodate all of our students’ meal needs, the board unanimously approved a price increase this year,” she said.

Sophomore Victor Chen said the cafeteria was his only option for food because he didn’t have time to pack his own in the mornings. Now that the prices have increased, however, Chen said “my parents think it’s a waste of money, so now I have to pack a home lunch instead.”

Sonya Wilson, a 4-year veteran of the Campolindo cafeteria staff, agreed that “things are a bit pricey” and suggested that students look for special deals offered.