Chamber Choir Accepts Sophomore

Jessica Rosiak, Staff Writer

MacKenzie Bunzel-Hardie has earned a spot in the exclusive chamber choir for next school year.  She is the only soon-to-be sophomore to make the cut.  The remainder of vocalists in the group will be juniors and seniors.

“I wanted to join Chamber because I love singing and I wanted the opportunity to learn more from Mr. Roberts and from my peers and be a part of a more professional and intense singing group,” said Bunzel-Hardie.         

“One choir is for naturally lighter voices and the other is for naturally darker voices and she has a naturally darker voice which comes with age,” said choir teacher Mark Roberts.

Roberts said that the characteristics of Bunzel-Hardie’s voice is “its nothing she is in control of” as it is like “playing a tuba versus playing a violin” and it is just a natural quality.

Bunzel-Hardie sang “Star Vicino” by Salvatore Rosa for her audition. 

According to Bunzel-Hardie, she has been “singing around the house” and taking voice lessons since the age of 6.

Freshman Sadie Habas said, “We have been friends for a really long time since kindergarten so when we hang out together … we sing we play piano and sing songs together and we harmonize we sing pop songs country songs.”

“I was honestly not surprised [when she made Chamber] because she is an incredible singer and she just deserves it and I knew she would get in,” said Habas.

“I am really excited all the opportunities both performing wise, the songs we get to sing, harmonies,” said Bunzel-Hardie. “I am really passionate, and I feel most myself when I am on stage performing.”

“She is very compassionate she cares so much about how other people feel and she tries really hard and works really hard in all of her singing activities and she is just such a wonderful person  and she would never say anything hurtful to anyone just has such a good heart,” said Habas.