Frosh Joins Exclusive Choir for National Tour


Sadie Habas (singer in middle) singing with the San Francisco Girls Chorus.

Erika Riedel, Staff Writer

Freshman Sadie Habas and the rest of her San Francisco Girls Chorus (SFGC) are preparing for their upcoming performance at Carnegie Hall in honor of Philip Glass’s 80th birthday in February.

Habas is a new member of the Chorissma program, an advanced choir in the SFGC. Habas was accepted into the exclusive vocal group in the summer of 2017 after auditioning.

As a result of her work with the choir, Habas has learned about music theory, sight singing, vocal technique, performance energy, and posture in the program.

“Being in SF girls chorus has definitely made me a more flexible person,” said Habas. “I have learned to be flexible and bounce back from obstacles that come my way. Also, I have become a more independent person.”

Fellow chorister Delilah Whitaker, a sophomore at Berkeley high school, agreed. “In the past 2 years especially, Sadie has become more confident as a singer, and I believe to do that, you have to become more confident as a person. As a singer, this has her realize that she has a wonderful talent and that she has to make the most of it, instead of waiting for the people around her to make something happen,” said.

Being a part of SFGC has allowed members to develop close friendships. “Being a part of the chorus has allowed us to experience a big part of our lives together, and it has turned out friendship into more of a sisterhood. I think that I and Sadie will remain friends for a long time,” said Whitaker.

8th grader Isabelle Yang, a close friend of Habas and fellow SFGC singer, said, “We started to become friends while working with each other, and we both shared the desire to be good leaders to our section members. We helped each other become better singers and we’ve been friends ever since.”

The upcoming SFGC tour will travel from New York to San Francisco, making various performance stops along the way.

According to Habas, her future in music is not set, but singing is a strong career possibility for her. 

“I think I want to stay in the chorus as a member of Chorissma until I graduate from high school. I definitely want to go to a college that has a music program. I also would love to major in something involving music or singing.”