Teens Love New Asian Cafe


Madeleine Singh and Layla Wright

Moraga’s newest food establishment, which serves boba tea, ramen, and a variety of other Asian cafe fair, has already become a staple for many of Campolindo’s students.  i-Tea opened in the Moraga Shopping Center on November 18, in the space previously occupied by Asia Palace.

“I’m really glad that they opened up a spot like this in Moraga because I love boba,” said junior Kayla Coane. “I enjoy going [there] after school, grabbing a quick drink with my friends, and talking about life.”

A diverse menu, convenient location, free WiFi and affordable prices have made the cafe a new go-to after school spot for students. Dozens of teenagers can be found forming an out-the-door line in the afternoons. With a 5-star Yelp rating, i-Tea offers a wide range of beverages, along with 27 food dishes that include ramen, popcorn chicken, and egg rolls.

i-Tea allows customers to choose how sweet they want their drinks, with increments of 0% up to 110% sugar. Customers also have a say in how much ice is put into their drink, a favorite of many customers.

The cafe also offers a variety of “toppings” customers can add to their beverage, themselves their most popular option being original boba (balls of compressed tapioca).

“They have really good soup, and their milk tea is good as well,” said junior Shae Silva, who visits i-Tea once or twice a week on average. “I went like, 5 times over Thanksgiving break,” she admitted, adding that the cafe is appropriately priced.

The cafe contains an abundance of open seating and a brightly lit menu on the wall.

“[i-Tea] is 5 minutes from my house, and it’s really affordable which is great,” said junior Randall Gee, whose order usually consists of a passionfruit green tea and popcorn chicken. “The chicken is nice because you can get a whole box for $5,” he added.

i-Tea also gives every customer a chance to sign up for a rewards program, where one can buy 9 drinks and get the 10th free.

i-Tea is located at 1460 Moraga Road and is open 11:30am to 9:30pm daily.