Photography Fuels Barkey’s Artistic Interest


Ava Mason, Staff Writer

While many students enroll in art classes in order to meet graduation and college requirements, some are genuinely passionate about the work.

Junior Isabelle Barkey, who is wrapping up her 1st year of photography, is one such student.

“A lot of people in my class are taking it just because they need a extra-curricular [graduation credit], but I’m taking drama, so I took it so that I could learn about cameras and I’ve learned a ton about Photoshop which is really cool,” said Barkey. 

Barkey prefers photographing people rather than inanimate objects or landscapes.”I’ve always done the thing that all photographers do which is taking pictures of flowers and trees or whatever, but I think I like people the most,” said Barkey.

Barkey was inspired to pursue photography in fifth grade, growing up with a dad and grandfather who were photographers as well. “I like the artistic side of photography where I can make it like unique and abstract,” said Barkey.

Junior Emma Pereira admires how her long-time friend has grown as an artist. “Freshmen year we told each other we were planning to take photography at Campolindo together but I ended up not being able to do that, but she devoted and she’s got a lot more into it this year,” said Pereira. 

Photography instructor Collette Sweeney says Barkey goes “above and beyond” in her class.  “She does great portraits, and she photographs outside of class, and will often bring work into the class, in addition to the things she does during class-time,” said Sweeney.

“So she has a sophisticated approach to photography, and I don’t know if she does other kinds of art, but she seems to have an artistic eye,” Sweeney added.

“When the bell rings, and everyone gets up and goes to their next class, she tends to linger, she’s the last one to leave her seat because she’s focused on what she’s doing and will often stay a little bit later,” said Sweeney.