Chamber Singers Serenade Student Body


Ava Mason, Staff Writer

In 2 special 3rd period assemblies, choir singers performed for the student body on January 27.

The set, which featured arrangements of pop music, included “Cake by the Ocean,” “Let it Be,” and “Cheap Thrills.”

The show concluded with “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake, as members of the choir who had not been in the performance to that point, but were instead sitting with their student peers in the crowd, stood up and joined in.

Freshman vocalist Emma Smithwho was in the 2nd assembly, participated in the “flash mob” finale, and though she thought they weren’t “very well prepared,” she believed it still went well.

In both assemblies, a student was brought up to be serenaded by sophomore Colin Lekki, who sang “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE. Lekki’s victim in the 1st assembly was senior Jake Breul. Senior Brett Smith enjoyed the attention in the 2nd performance.

“They were very energetic and happy,” said Julia Zapanta, a member of the audience.

Senior Jenna Sposato was a soloist along with senior Justine Bon for “Let It Be” by the Beatles. She thought the 2nd assembly “went better than the first one.”

“I think we could’ve been a little bit more energetic in a few of the songs. I know especially for the first couple songs we were tired,” Sposato added.

Sposato thought the “flash mob” conclusion to the assembly was a highlight.