Correll already Deep into Acting Career

Dree Ivanoff, Staff Writer

Just a junior in high school, Nathan Correll is 6-years into his career.

Correll is a professional actor.  His career began as an extra with his acting friend Louis Kehoe. “I just started acting and stuff and Louie had been doing like movies and things like that, and he was like, ‘You want to do this with me?’ and I was like, ‘Sure.'”

According to Correll, acting can be calculated compared to the authentic experience of real life. “It’s so precise what you have to do. It’s kinda hard. It’s totally different from every day life, honestly,” he explained.

“In everyday life you can be really expressive and move a lot and you can overreact to things,” he added.

Correll has learned a lot in his 6 years of acting. “When you’re on camera, it’s really, the slightest movement is caught by the camera and it can ruin the whole shot,” he said. “You have to be able to be zoned in enough on what’s going on around, or whats going on in the scene, and not what’s going on around you,” he said.

What’s the key to being a great actor?  According to Correll, “it’s about what you do with your eyes.”

The acting trade is competitive, but Correll appears to have the chops to contend in the industry. Correll’s friend, junior Jessie Rusk, said, “I think it’s really cool how passionate he is about it. There is never a time when he’s not doing a show because he’s like constantly working towards his goal, and I think he’s going to be pretty successful at it if he wants to do that even further in the future. He works really really hard and somehow he manages to balance school and theater at the same time.”