Animal Enthusiast Hatches Poultry Club


Katy Ly, Staff Writer

An expert at teaching people how to pick up chicks, junior Sierra Berrick is co-president of the Poultry Club.

Berrick founded the Poultry Club with junior co-president Kendall Schmidt in 2013 when caring for the campus garden’s chickens became a need after biology classes raised chicks as part of a classroom experiment. Berrick and Schmidt enlisted Biology teacher Patrick Wildermuth to be club supervisor, and the club was hatched.

At club meetings, Berrick taught members how to acclimate the chicks to being handled by humans. “I train the people to train the chicks,” she said. “Just hold them for twenty minutes straight; they’re usually fine within a few days.” The club also discusses important poultry issues in the world, such as factory farms, and chicken exhibitions, which are similar to dog shows. Berrick said that she and the club considered going to an exhibition last year.

“She’s very much more experienced in showmanship than I am, so it’s very helpful to help explain and help keep the younger members in line,” said Schmidt. “[Berrick] is a very good leader.”

Berrick’s interest in animals extends beyond the Poultry Club. She is also a member of 4-H, “a group that’s really interested in community service and agricultural projects.”

Berrick also raises chickens and tends to 3 goats at her home.