Raunchy Neighbors Uncomfortably Funny

Casey Miller, News Editor

A slow start does not necessarily mean a slow finish.

All the reviews said Neighbors was the best comedy in years. The opening scene revealed the always-gorgeous Rose Byrne and funnyman Seth Rogen as Kelly and Mac, new parents to a lovely baby girl. The couple are trying to do normal parenting activities while struggling to avoid nostalgia for their old, hard-partying lifestyle. With such a boring first ten minutes, I worried this movie wouldn’t match the hype it has received over the past few months.

Then eye-candy frat boys Teddy (Zac Efron) and Pete (Dave Franco) move their fraternity in to the house next door. In bro tanks, with girls in tow, they hang their Delta Psi symbol above the front door.

While they originally attempt to “be cool” around the frat, Kelly and Mac end up in an all-out, slash and burn war with Teddy and Pete’s “brotherhood.” Hilarious pranks and outrageous stunts ensue, with crazy marijuana-themed parties and witty dialogue.

Neighbors is a stoner comedy, with a hint of B movie. Drugs, alcohol, and really anything you would expect to find in the basement of a fraternity, is involved, making this one of the best comedies I’ve seen in a while.

It’s also one of the raunchiest movies of the year, to the point of discomfort. Director Nicholas Stoller pushed the MPAA to their limits, using as much male genitalia and topless women as possible while keeping an R-rating. While it was funny to see parents swearing, the words that Byrne and Rogen’s characters used in front of their baby was uncomfortable.

Byrne gives a great performance. Yes, she was in Bridesmaids, but I’ve never pictured her as a comedic actress. Whether making out with three guys in an attempt to turn the frat boys against each other or delivering witty one-liners, she gives an excellent performance. As usual, Efron and Franco make the audience swoon with all of their shirtless scenes, and giggle when they fight over Teddy’s girlfriend.

Any teenage girl will appreciate this movie for all of the screen time given to Efron and Franco. Of course, Rogen remains one of my favorite comedians and provides another memorable performance equal to This is the End and Pineapple Express.

Crude jokes and bromances define this movie, but I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a laugh. Just make sure your little sister isn’t in the next room, and turn down the volume.