Salesian Thwarts Basketball Title Hopes, Again


Layla Wright, visual media editor

Boys’ basketball was beaten in the North Coast Section tournament final for a 3rd consecutive year by Salesian High on February 23.

“They are and have been the number 1 team in Northern California, so it is kinda unfortunate that they are in our section because we’ve had to match up to them for the last 3 years,” said head coach Stephen Dyer. “They are a really strong team.”

According to senior and co-captain Jake Chan, the approached the rematch with “confidence” and played their best, ,though they knew they were facing a high caliber opponent.

“We go into every game hoping to win but it’s tough when you’re up against such a difficult opponent. They are very competitive,” added Dyer.

Their main problem, said senior David Ahazie, became apparent at the start. “We started off slow, and it was hard to dig ourselves out of a hole, but we still played hard the whole game.”

Ahazie added that, as a whole, the team supported each other the whole time and were bolstered by the many fans who showed up.

In spite of the loss, the team was selected for the NorCal playoffs.  The squad beat Serra High School 59-38, to advance to state championship game on March 9 at Golden Center in Sacramento.

Chan said, “With the season coming down to an end we know that every night could be the last so we need to play like there’s no tomorrow.”