Broken Hoop Disrupts Winter Activities


Nicole Kennedy, Staff Writer

A Basketball backboard and hoop structure that crashed to the floor after a support cable snapped forced the closure of the large gymnasium from January 21 to February 1.

As a result, the rally scheduled for January 30, which was intended to drum up excitement for the boys’ basketball squad’s back-to-back home games was canceled.  The games themselves were moved to Acalanes and Miramonte, respectively.

“I think it was disappointing we had to cancel the rally because the rally leaders worked really hard to pull this 1 off. This once in a lifetime rally because of the 2 back-to-back home and rival [basketball] games,” said sophomore leadership student Sophie Webster.

Leadership has promised “a great March Madness rally.” However, the date of the rally has yet to be decided.

Boy’s varsity basketball coach Steven Dyer expressed frustration regarding the amount of time the gymnasium remained closed, forcing his team to make alternative practice and competition plans.

“As a coach, you try to control the uncontrollable, but it’s frustrating because if our seniors were to miss their homecoming games their senior year it would be really sad,” said Dyer.

The boys’ volleyball tryouts were also impacted, with those sessions moved to the small gym.

Returning sophomore varsity player Justin Lineweaver said, “It’s so annoying that we were in the small gym because everyone [trying out] was so cramped together.”

The fact that the basketball and wrestling teams, each in the midst of their winter sport season, had to share space with the spring season volleyball tryouts was particularly challenging, according to Lineweaver.