Red Card Wrecks LAX Streak

Kyle Flett, Staff Writer

Miramonte ended the varsity girls’ lacrosse team’s winning streak, beating the Cougars 14-10 on March 14.

According to junior Liv Lagomarsino, her squad was outmatched in terms of individual skills. “I think there’s definitely a difference in the number of club players Miramonte has compared to us,” she said. “We hung with them as well as we could.”

According to head coach Dave Parker, his team had trouble maintaining momentum due to frequent foul calls by the officiating crew. “I thought they called the game the same way for both sides,”said Parker, though a red card took freshman Devon Ortman, a key player for the Cougars, out of the game.

Ortman’s problems began when she earned a yellow card. “I was just being aggressive, and the ref thought I was being too aggressive,” said Ortman.

The yellow card benched Ortman at a critical point in the game. “I sat out for 2 minutes and [Miramonte] scored 3 goals,” she said.

After the next draw, Ortman made an illegal check.  Having already been issued the yellow card, Ortman’s infraction resulted in her ejection. “I thought it was legal, but it turns out it wasn’t,” Ortman said of her foul.

At the half, the Mats were up 9-4, but the Cougars fought back, narrowing the gap, 12-10.

Miramonte put the game away with the final 2 goals.

Prior to the match, the Cougars had been on a roll in league play. “The game was a good reality check,” added Lagomarsino. “[It shows that] there’s room for improvement for us.”

“I think next time they come here, it’s winnable. I’ll just try not to get a red card,” said Ortman.