Flawed Chemistry Still Good Enough for LAX


Samuel Ganten, Staff Writer

Varsity boys’ lacrosse beat Miramonte 17-7 on March 14, adding to their winning streak.

In spite of the recent success, head coach Mitchel Frey is still concerned about his team’s level of play.

“Obviously a win is a win, but we were unable to come out from that 1st whistle,” said Frey. “We need to play offensively.”

Miramonte’s weak defense allowed plenty of scoring opportunities for the Cougars.  By the end of the 1st half, Campolindo led 8-3. The lead was not satisfactory according to Andrew Cirelli. “We came out quiet, not as intense as other games. We were undisciplined,” he said.

One area of teamwork and discipline where the Matadors prevailed was in the assist column of the stat sheet.  Frey was disappointed in the number of unassisted goals his team scored, a sign of selfish play.

“We need to be a team, not just have individual offense,” said Frey.

“I think we suffered from overconfidence,” said senior William Peck. “We won the first 3 games of the season, and I think we just came into this game expecting to win.”

According to Cirelli, the final score was not indicative of the team’s current level of play.  He conceded that their rivals showed some positive traits the Cougars are currently lacking.

“Miramonte had a prone offense, and when we let them dictate the tempo, they get the shots,” added Cirelli. “We need to work on chemistry between members of the team.”

Cirelli’s coach agreed. “We’re still working on this. It’s really early in the season, but we hope to fix these problems,” said Frey