Shoot-a-thon Funds Basketball


Marko Durovic, Staff Writer

The boys’ basketball program hosted its annual shoot-a-thon fundraiser on Sunday, February 9.

“It’s a fundraising for the programs we have,” said Ann Chen, who was in charge of organizing the event. “It’s really for a lot of the off season training.”

The format for the shoot-a-thon was fairly simple. Participants paid $25 for 5 3-point attempts. If a shooter managed to make all of them he or she won $200. Raising money was the main goal of the event, but it was also a “fun and enjoyable event,” according to junior Tiger Garcia.

“It is a social event, and a chance for parents and athletes to interact and play together,” said Chen. It was also a unique chance for all the Campolindo basketball teams to interact with each other since, according to her, they don’t have much time to do so during the regular season due to different schedules.

Garcia said that “a couple of people had long streaks, but no one hit 5 in a row.”  Even though no one won the $200 grand prize, that didn’t stop everybody from enjoying themselves. “Everyone had a lot of fun,” Chen said.