Baseball Moves on in NCS Tournament


Sarada Symonds, Staff Writer

After 7 innings, varsity baseball won their 1st round of North Coast Section tournament (NCS) against Montgomery High School 2-0 on May 21.

According to varsity coach Max Luckhurst, the team did a great job treating the game like any other league match rather than an NCS round. He said, “Right now it’s all about getting 21 outs and scoring more runs to the other team.”

The team prepared for the match the same way they’d been practicing all season, according to Luckhurst. “We practice, make sure we take care of our work, and play as a team,” he said.

Luckhurst especially praised pitcher Trent Shelton, who was named DFAL’s most valuable player. “Shelton pitched very well. He pitched 7 innings and gave up 0 runs. Shelton was able to shut them out, and he did an outstanding job,” he said.

According to Shelton, he “had his defense behind him.” He was excited to move on, adding, “Another win helps us get to the next round of NCS and it helps us get one step closer to our goal.”

Shelton said, “The team had really good bats today, but it didn’t go all the way that we wanted. They battled, and they stuck with it on defense.”

Infielder Robbie Tenerowitz believes that any team at this stage of the competition will be a good team. He said, “all we have to do is score more runs than them and we’re winners.”

The team has their next game Friday, May 24, at 4:00pm at Campolindo.