Star Runners Injured in Ski Accident


Sarada Symonds, Staff Writer

Recent boys’ DIII cross country state champion Aidan Goltra, and  2012 girls’ DFAL champion Brighie Leach sustained injuries while skiing over Martin Luther King Day weekend.

The injuries were sustained when Goltra collided with Leach, who were both at North Tahoe’s Sugar Bowl Resort with other members of the cross country team. “I was skiing down ‘Trail Blazer’ at Sugar Bowl, which is a blue square, and I don’t really turn when I ski, so I was just going straight. Bridgie was further down the hill, turning, and I hit her,” said Goltra.

As a result of the collision, Leach was evacuated from the slope by a ski patrol medical team.  Fortunately, the trauma to Leach was not severe and she has been able to continue her winter conditioning in preparation for the track season. “My ribs are a little sore, but I’m fine,” said Leach.

Goltra has not been as lucky, as the star distance runner missed a week of pre-season track and field, due to a contusion, or deep bruise, on his quad. “It’s still a little stiff, and I have a slight limp.”

The injury interfered with Goltra’s participation in the Bay Area Track Club clinic at Campolindo in January. Track and field coach Charles Woolridge said, “I was made aware of his injury last Saturday at the clinic when he couldn’t run due to a severe bruise on his thigh.”

While Goltra missed a week of pre-season training, he says it should not conflict with his season. “I am definitely doing track,” said Goltra. “So don’t worry about that.”