Seniors Thump Teachers in Annual Softball Match

Colleen OBrien, Staff Writer

Each spring, the senior class and the staff have faced off in an energy-charged softball to the delight of animated crowds of spectators.

This year, the seniors came out victorious over the defending champions after a nail-bitingly close three innings.  The final score was 6 to 5 in favor of the students.

The seniors went into the game feeling a victory was imminent, especially senior player Cole Rider, who said, “I was pretty confident we were going to win. I think it went really well. We totally dominated them.”

Fellow senior Brian Gilmour said, “It went better than expected, especially because the two teachers who trash-talked the most, Mr. Petreas and Mr. Duffy, didn’t win.”

Staff coach Tom Duffy was initially hopeful for his team, but agrees his squad was outplayed by the seniors. “I felt confident in my staff,” Duffy said, “but the better team won.”

Though Duffy was proud of all his players, a few stuck out. “We had outstanding performances from Ken Ingersoll, who hit a grand slam, Petro Petreas, who was divine of defense, and Karen Browlee, who was a demon on the base paths.”

As for the senior standouts, Duffy said, “We have to tip our hats to Brian ‘Gilly’ Gilmour, Tucker ‘Take em Down’ Swanson, who both hit clutch home runs for the students, and Melissa McCue, who also had a big hit.”

Despite this set back to the teachers’ “tradition of excellence,” coach Duffy has overcome his disappointment. He is already looking to remedy this loss next year. “You win some, you lose some, I’m totally over it. We start practice for next year tomorrow,” he said.