Adams’ Track Records Still Stand

Maya Harlev, Lifestyle Editor

Alison Adams attended Campolindo as a senior, and during her year here in 1980, she set 2 track records. 22 years later, Adams still holds her records.  La Puma sits down with current PE and Psychology teacher Adams to discuss her records.

What records do you hold?
“400 meters and the 1-mile relay.”

At what meet did you set these records at?
“At the Meet of Champions at Cal.”

How does it feel to know that you still hold school records?
“It feels very rewarding. I’m proud to still have these records. When I look at them, I think about all of the hard work, time, and effort I put into accomplishing those records.”

Was it weird to coach track and encourage your team to compete in those events?
“Yes, but when the day comes and those records are broken, I’d like to see that race and cheer on the new record-holder.”

How will you feel if someone breaks that record while you’re still at Campo?
“I’d be sad, but happy for their accomplishment as well. I can still visualize that race. I remember the warm up and setting the blocks. It’s a fond memory I will never forget.”

Were you shocked when you returned to Campo and you were still the record holder?
“Yes, I was shocked, however I was very proud that my record still stood.”