Taco Contest Signals End to Wrestlers’ Fast

Natalie Bunting, Staff Writer

After months of strict dieting in order to wrestle in specific weight divisions, the wrestling team let loose of their restrictions in their annual taco-eating contest during lunch on Thursday, March 1st.

Sophomore Nathaniel Armen won the contest with a total of 17 tacos. The record still remains at 27 tacos by Tim Mars in 2007.

In 2003, two athletes from the wrestling team went to Jack in the Box to eat as many tacos as they could.  Afterwards, the wrestling squad adopted the taco competition as an annual tradition held at the end of the season, wrestling coach Bob McLaughlin explained.

History teacher and wrestling coach Tom Renno said, “Wrestlers have a pretty strict diet and for the first time in months, they [the wrestling team] got to eat non healthy food.”

During the season, the coaches “monitor the kids pretty well,” said McLaughlin.  The athletes are expected to eat healthy foods and stay away from carbohydrates.

Senior Connor Murray said the typical foods he consumed during the season included nuts, cuties, and chicken.  Depending on the athlete’s weight, there is varying flexibility in the diet; however, if you’re 10 pounds over your desired weight, “you need to follow the diet to detail,” he said.

Similar to Murray, senior Brendan Strijker ate a lot of protein and vegetables during the season. He said, “I cut most carbs out of my diet.”

The taco contest allows for “great team building and team spirit.”  It is also a great way “to get together in a fun environment,” Renno explained.