XC Dominates 1st Center Meet


Jacob Ngai, Staff Writer

Cross Country swept the Shadow Cliff DFAL center meet on October 26th. The freshmen and sophomore girls finished with second place.

Junior Megan McMillan said, “I felt like we were all proud of ourselves for working together and pushing each other.” However, she thought that it was predictable that they would win, “I was kind of expecting to win but I knew it would take hard work but I was proud of our achievement.” During the races, the Freshmen-Sophomore, and Junior Varsity ran 2 miles and Varsity ran 3. They competed against all other rival schools in the DFAL. Taking place on November 5th, the DFAL championships will determine if they are the best of their league.

Before the DFAL, the determination from both the team and Coach Charles Woolridge helped guide the team to victory.

Senior and top varsity runner Carrie Verdon, said, “I think we will do very well and win the DFAL, our team is very strong and personally, I think that I can definitely win.” Most runners believed that the outcome of the DFAL will have them at the top, and that all runners will do exceptionally. After the girls won the state championship last year and the boys received second place in the North Coast Meet, Woolridge developed high expectations for his team to be just as successful.

He reported, “The Frosh-Soph and JV Girls division has been struggling this year due to a lack of depth and inconsistent practice attendance.” This year, both teams wish to earn a podium spot at the DFAL. Woolridge said, “At the league championships, we hope to sweep all three boys divisions and win the girls varsity race, but its difficult to predict how our Frosh Soph and JV girls will fair this year.”

However, JV runner, senior Kevin Gelson said, “I think our team will do very well. Varsity boys and girls are looking very strong and I think we will win in both our Frosh Soph teams even though we are missing some people and our JV races will crush everyone.”

Even though Verdon is already one of the best, Woolridge still gives credit to other very successful boys and girls on his team, he states, “Well everybody knows about Carrie Verdon but the success of our team is the responsibility of all its scoring members.” According to Woolridge, the improvements of Geiger along with the leadership of Junior Rod Farvard have been huge assets to the team. The team currently has four new athletes on out Varsity girls squad that have allowed them to contend for another title, McMillan, and freshmen Mary Orders, Rachel Johnson, and Brighie Leach.

As their legacy continues, many members still remember their wins during the last few years. Two years ago, all squads went undefeated, winning the DFAL championships and last year, all divisions won except the Frosh-Soph boys and girls.