Upbeat Bhangra Moves Audiences

Colette Wright, Media Editor

The Bhangra club practices a style of dancing that originated in the Punjab region India. The club offers students the opportunity to perform a unique form of dance to upbeat music. This year, there were 11 members in the club who met every Tuesday and Thursday of March and April.

Former Campolindo student Meera Madra originally ran the club, but senior president Anjali Bajaj took over this year due to Madra’s graduation in 2013. Math teacher Nita Madra, Meera’s mother, is still the adviser of the club.

Bajaj choreographed the dance performed by the club at the annual campus talent show. She based the routine on those performed be her cousins, which she watched on video.

All together, the performance included 23 unique Bhangra moves.

The responsibilities of managing the club were challenging, but Bajaj enjoys the opportunity. “Being president wasn’t what I expected. It was better. The best part was seeing how proud everyone was of themselves when the learned how to do the moves and complete the dance,” she said. 

The members of the club had mixed emotions before performing at the talent show. “I was excited to perform at the talent show because there was a lot of energy,” said senior Arrada Karmonphet.

“I was definitely really nervous before the talent show, but I just wanted to have fun and if I messed up, it wouldn’t matter,” said senior Nikitha Kodali.

Karmonphet and Kodali were both in the club last year. “I joined because of friends, and I got to meet many new people. It felt really good to actually be able to dance even though I don’t usually do it,” said Kodali.

“I think the work paid off because we practiced a lot during lunch and spring break. I thought it was a fun and entertaining experience for everyone else to see,” said Karmonphet.

“I was able to do all the moves for the show and it was a lot of fun and everyone seemed to love it,” said Kodali.

The club will also perform their routine for counselor Amardeep Dhaliwal’s child’s pre-school in mid-May.

Bajaj hopes to form a new Bhangra club when she starts at the University of Redlands next fall.