Frosh Masters Kung Fu

Harris Sahar, Staff Writer

Freshman Jason Wong is now a 2nd degree black belt Kung Fu expert.  He first earned his Kung Fu black belt in 2009 and followed that up with a 1st degree certification in 2011.

Wong has been training at Tat Wong Kung Fu in Concord under master Tat Mau Wong for over nine years. Tat Wong has been teaching Kung Fu for over 30 years, and was a U.S. Martial Arts Coach in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

When testing for the black belt, a martial artist must first have 7 years of experience and be able to complete 300 push-ups. The push-up and time requirements increase with each belt. Jason Wong’s 2nd degree black belt required over 9 years of training.

According to Wong, the advantages of Kung Fu include stress relief, as well as increasing physical strength. “The benefits are strength, control, concentration, and flexibility,” said Wong.  “It has made me strong, faster, and more keen to my senses.”

Over the years, Wong has entered 6 tournaments and won 8 medals across the nation. The farthest Wong has traveled for a tournament is Florida.

“In the tournaments, people are judged by their performance and how well they do their techniques,” said Wong. These forms are not pre-determined and can be created by the contestant, giving a unique aspect to each form and martial artist.

Wong may be a second degree black belt, but his journey in martial arts is not over. Wong hopes to earn a 9th degree, the highest black belt certification.

In addition Kung Fu, Wong competes on Campolindo’s swim. According to Wong, swimming keeps him in shape when he is not training. “[Swimming] keeps me pushing myself to greatness,” said Wong.