iPhone Update Already on Campus

Within just few weeks of their release, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c have flown off shelves and into the hands and pockets of many Campolindo students.

With new innovative features such as faster internet connection, better camera, thumbprint recognition, the iPhone 5s is already the top-selling phone in America according to TechSpot. With bright colors that “reveal personality and express feeling,” according to the official Apple website, the iPhone 5c allows people to make both a fashion and technological statement.

The iPhone 5s is sold in gold, silver, black, and gray. It has a Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor and “ultrafast” LTE wireless. The iPhone 5c is available in green, blue, yellow, pink, and white.

Sophomore Kevin Hoffinger bought the iPhone 5c because he believes that it is much better than the 4s. “It is an upgrade from the 4s, and it has really new and exciting colors,” he said.

Sophomore Austin Fischer agrees. His favorite part about the iPhone 5 is its speed. “It is fast, it is easy to use, and it has a lot of good resources,” he said.

Fischer was going to get the iPhone 5c, but changed his mind after he heard the 5 was similar to the 5c. “I heard it was pretty much the same phone. It seems cooler [iPhone 5c], but not any better with the software,” he said.

Fischer hopes Apple will add new features, such as making the internet quicker. “Fixing the bugs definitely, and making it faster, and being able to download the Adobe Shockwave Player, because you cannot watch a lot of videos,” he said.

Hoffinger thinks that the battery of the 5c dies quickly. “It uses its charge fast,” he said.

Despite issues with the battery, Hoffinger recommends the 5c to anyone. “It is so worth getting the iPhone 5c,” he said.

Apple has also released a new software update for the iPhones. The features on the phone have not changed, but the layout of apps is different.

“I love the new software update. It is probably not worth the space that it takes up on your phone, but it is pretty cool,” Sophomore Will Lagomarsino said.