Charity League Hosts Annual Celebration

Jessi Gunn, Staff Writer

The Lamorinda chapter of National Charity League or NCL, held their annual Senior Presents celebration on Sunday March 10.

NCL is a mother-daughter philanthropic organization that focuses on Contra Costa Country, and fosters relationships between mothers and daughters, according to senior ticktocker Abbey Healey. The NCL mothers, who are called “patronesses,” and daughters, who are called “ticktockers,” start their journey in 7th grade, and work together doing charity work until March of their senior year.

The Lamorinda chapter consists of 22 girls from 6 East Bay high schools and all their mothers. These girls have been working toward this final event for 6 years, attending monthly meetings, and doing charity work with their mothers and fellow ticktockers.

Healey said, “We’ve had to do required hours every week for philanthropy and for league hours, and this is just our graduation from the league. It’s really cool to have the younger classes come and support us.”

During the Senior Presents ceremony, each girl gave a speech and showed a slide show about their time in NCL. After, there was desert and dancing for the girls and their guests.

Guest Junior Mitchell Carlson said, “Senior Presents was so much fun, I loved it!”