Drama Star Develops Confidence

Emily Fong, Staff Writer

Senior Vilde Conley-Lauvdal is breaking out of her shell, with assistance from the drama department. She is set to star in this seasons’ drama production of John Cariani’s Almost, Maine, as Rhonda, a tom-boy who has trouble dealing with her complex and powerful emotions.

“Rhonda and I are very different,” Conley-Lauvdal said. “She’s more of a strong person, open with her emotions.”

For Conley-Lauvdal, the role is a departure from her own personality. Conley-Lauvdal describes herself as a shy person, and she has worked to develop the courage to take the stage and perform in front of an audience.

Her acting peers have noticed the transformation. “She seems really shy but when she starts acting she’s hilarious,” said senior Drew Jackson. “She’ll kind of break away from that shyness.”

The emotionally charged part of Rhonda however, offered a particular challenge for Conley-Lauvdal. “Vilde’s not somebody who is going to get up in your face and get really angry,” said teacher Jamie Donohoe. “It’s a tough role but she’s getting more confident every day.

Conley-Lauvdal never participated in theater prior to last year. She credits her drama class and Donohoe for helping her develop the nerve to be expressive in such a public format.

“Mr. Donohoe almost forces you, and encourages you, to open up to yourself and to others,” said Conley-Lauvdal. “My actual drama class is helpful. They’re always open to feedback and are encouraging,” she added.

The production is set in the fictional town of Almost, Maine, where quirky and charming characters interact with one another to create an entertaining adventure of love and loss.

Almost, Maine is currently in the rehearsal stages, and will premier on November 29-30.