Kauffman Judges X Factor Judges

Lena Kauffman, Staff Writer

Actress-singer Demi Lovato and worldwide pop star icon Britney Spears were recently announced as new judges on the popular competitive singing show, “X Factor.”  The two divas are taking the places of Paula Abdul and Nicole Sherzinger.

Given that the “X Factor” is a singing-based show, Demi and Britney will be great mentors and I’m sure contestants will find their tips extremely insightful. Even so, I don’t believe the contestants should strive to walk in their shoes.

Let’s not forget the countless meltdowns Britney has had. If you can’t quite recall what happened, let me remind you.

Britney has been in the spotlight from the time she was a “Mickey Mouse Club” sweetheart to more recently as a sex symbol and single mom. In 2008, Britney was driven insane by the stresses of her life. She was fighting for custody of her children. The court felt that Britney was unable to take care of herself like a grown woman, so the Superior Court commissioner named her father, James Spears, the conservator of Britney. This all happened just one day after the pop star was taken to a psychiatric hospital. Don’t forget the infamous shaving of her own head and the smashing of a car with an umbrella. Real classy, Brit.

On the other hand, Demi isn’t that bad of a role model. Joke.

Demi was in rehab for three months because of severe depression, multiple eating disorders, including anorexia, bipolar struggles, cutting, and drug and alcohol addictions. She was also put into a facility for anger management after she punched one of her back up dancers in the face. Just like Britney, Demi is underwhelmingly classy.

Sure, they’ve been through difficult times. But we all have the power to make our own decisions.  We decide if we want to shave our heads. We decide if we want to throw a temper tantrum and smash a car. And, we decide if we want to punch someone in the face.

Unfortunately we can’t go back in time and remake any of our decisions. We have to live with the consequences, learn from our mistakes and move on. Britney and Demi are two of my favorite artists, and they are both incredibly talented. But  even though they may be performers to look up to, that does not mean that they are people to look up to.