3 Star Football Player Announces Commitment to UC Davis

Robbie Mascheroni announces his commitment to continue his athletic and academic career at UC Davis

Football player senior Robbie Mascheroni has officially announced his commitment to continue his academic and athletic career at University of California, Davis, which has a top-rated D1 football program.

Growing up, Mascheroni always participated in a wide variety of different athletics, including basketball, baseball, and football. “I decided to pursue the one I loved the most in high school to see where it takes me,” said Mascheroni.

Mascheroni’s decision to commit to UC Davis has been far from simple. In total he received sixteen D1 offers, including five offers from Ivy League schools. He received his first offer the fall of his junior year from the University of Virginia. Schools began scouting him as early as his sophomore year, mainly by looking at his game film and camps that he attended.

His decision came down to two big factors: family and relationship to the coaches. “I ended up choosing Davis for mostly the family aspect and because it was the overall best fit for me…I have a great connection with my wide receiver coach at Davis and he is probably the best coach that I met throughout the entire process,” said Mascheroni.

Mascheroni’s fellow teammates and coaches are proud of his decision and believe that it is a “great fit for him. It’s close to home and I know he wanted to stay in California. I think that Davis is a good fit football wise because he will be able to play pretty much right off the bat which will be good for him as a player,” said teammate junior Jake Spencer.

He has left a lasting impact on Campo’s football program as a whole, and on the teammates that he is leaving behind. Head Coach Kevin Macy said, “In every game he just rose to the top and helped carry the team. I don’t think the season would have been anything like it was without him.”

The main motivation that drives Mascheroni to compete in high level athletics is, “the community aspect of it. Being around people that I enjoy hanging out with and all sharing a common interest while playing something we love is really rewarding,” said Mascheroni.

His past coaches have faith in Mascheroni’s ability to excel at a more competitive level in college because, “he doesn’t shy away from the big stage and from making those big plays,” said Macy.

The sports commitment process has been heavily glamorized and is often made out to be easy, but Mascheroni advises that, “it’s pretty difficult mentally to be a 17, 18 year old kid and have all these adults try to sell you a pitch about why you should come to their school. It’s definitely a tricky game that you just have to play out right and trust your gut.”

Overall, his friends, teammates, and coaches are proud of Mascheroni’s decision and, “can’t wait to see what he does next,” according to Spencer.