Kraemer Joins Science Department


Elliot Frick (he/him)

Kraemer smiles for The Claw before his next class.

As the newest member of the Campolindo science department, Armin Kraemer joined the staff as a physics teacher for the 2022-2023 school year.

Originally from Germany, Kraemer moved to the Bay Area when he was 8. He studied philosophy at UC Berkeley and brings 7 years of teaching experience to his work at Campo. He has taught math and English, in addition to science. Whatever the subject, Kraemer says he simply loves teaching and interacting with students.

“I’ve also actually worked in other fields,” Kraemer said. “I’ve been a photographer and videographer. But I think teaching was really more in line with what I wanted to do.”

Thus far, he added, “transitioning into teaching at Campo has been great. I saw that the students were generally happy, and that they didn’t seem as stressed out. They have safe and peaceful lives, which makes me happy to teach here.”

Kraemer’s students are excited to welcome him.

“I really love how he explains topics thoroughly, and how passionate he is about teaching,” senior Bettina Curletto said. “When I think of physics, I think of boring numbers and graphs, but Mr. Kraemer makes the class fun.”

Senior Juan Ruiz, another physics student, added, “I love how he is just as excited to learn about physics as the class is. He really enjoys finding out answers to questions he doesn’t know himself.”

Something Kraemer wants students to take away from his teaching is, “enthusiasm for learning, confidence that they’ve learned this subject, curiosity to pursue anything that it might have inspired, and to always challenge themselves.”