Campus Tours Precede Return to In-Person Learning

Senior Sophie Webster and sophomore Annelise McKenzie lead an instructional tour for students in preparation for hybrid learning.

In preparation for hybrid learning, students opting for the in-person model were required to participate in on-campus tours with their Academy Cohorts taking place through March 9-12.

During the tours, students were to be informed about new campus protocols to ensure health and safety, according to the Campolindo website.

These included mask wearing at all times, 6 feet social distancing, following arrows directing the “flow” of students, and the new use of QR codes to access the office and Wellness Center.

“I think the protocols are gonna take a lot of getting used to, but I’m fine with any protocol because I’m very excited to go back,” said junior leadership member Brody Crouch.

In addition to on-campus tours, all students were required to complete virtual COVID-19 training through their Student Info modules.

“I think learning about the guidelines is very important. We need to follow them to make sure we’ll be safe. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for someone else,” Crouch added.

Sophomore Kayla Smith agreed. “Learning is important so we don’t get sick and spread the virus to other people,” said Smith.

Much like with the tours, topics included a mix of both Campolindo safety protocols and more general information, such as understanding the science behind COVID-19 and what happens in Contra Costa.

“We need to make sure students understand what they’re doing. And by doing the online modules, you’re going to get some information through that. When you’re coming to the tours you’re going to get more information important to hybrid. Both of them are essential,” said Crouch.